Functions of the Different Nutrients


Carbohydrates give energy to us as they are a major source. Along with providing fuel for humans day to day activities, they also are help in some functions happening in the body for example digestion of foods in the stomach, the beating of the heart and even breathing in our lungs.

Some of the foods that contain carbohydrates include grains and grain products, legumes, fruits, wheat, dairy products and sugars. But also no matter how good carbohydrates are in giving energy to the body, it also has calories. The calories are at a high percentage depending on how much carbohydrates are consumed. It has up to 40-60 percent of calories.


meat providing proteinsThe skin, muscle and bones need dietary protein for growth, development and maintenance. It’s not easy to keep these parts feeling smooth but there are foods to keep them the right way. Complete proteins from animal sources contain all the necessary amino acids your body needs.

But plant sources only contain incomplete proteins. If you don’t eat much meat like fish, beef, poultry, mutton, chicken and other animal products then you should eat plant-rich in proteins like beans, nuts and whole grains to ensure optimal combination of amino acids.


You may think of lipids or fat as danger to the body and shouldn’t be given major priority as the other nutrients in the body but that shouldn’t be the case. Fats are important in the body just as any other essential nutrient in the body.

They help …

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