Effects Of Drug Abuse To Expectant Mothers And The Unborn

Did you know that drug addiction can have a serious impact on the unborn? Well, most people know this and others despite knowing the implications involved, tend to ignore the warning.

Women who engage themselves in drug abuse like their counterpart men, they are likely to develop many health complications. When it comes to pregnant women, the effects becomes more devastating. Research has shown that prolonged during abuse by the expectant mothers affects the earlier stages of fetal development leading to long lasting detrimental postnatal and prenatal effects that in most cases extend to the early childhood development and even beyond.

Addiction by the unborn to drugs

Women addicted to alcoholsubstance abuse and continued with the habit even when they are expectant may end up delivering a child with severe congenital anomalies.To make matters worse, that child might also become addicted because of prolonged exposure to drugs.Can you imagine giving birth to a child who is addicted to alcohol? How does it sound? Not good. So if you are drinking and you know that you are expectant, then you need to think twice.


It has been proven that use of some substances by women who are pregnant can result in fetal miscarriages that may lead to more complications in the mother. Some of this effects include adverse headaches, high blood pressure, and seizures. Also, women who abuse drugs such as marijuana, tobacco or even prescribed painkillers are likely to face the risk of bearing stillborn babies.

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